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The Alkaline Vegan Health Shop, Stop & Social

I'm no different than the next. I was just propelled in a different direction which landed me here, as the Owner and CEO of Health Neurotics. In 2009 I was diagnosed as a prediabetic. I knew all to well the lifestyle changes that I would have to endure, I witnessed my dad with his bout of diabetes in 2004. In 2006 I witnessed my aunt struggle with breast cancer, from shaving her head bald and coping with the toxic chemotherapy/radiation. Even as a child, my grandfather passed of lung cancer and my grandmother of emphysema (Barrel Chest). Now with an ailing grandmother with Alzheimer's disease. Let me assure you I want to help you live a healthier life then what I was exposed too! I am an Alkaline Vegan by way of Dr. Sebi's African Bio-mineral Balance (Alkaline Lifestyle).

How qualified is she? Is she a dietitian? No. Is she a certified nutritionist? No. Is she a doctor? By society rules, no I am not. However, I am a Certified Health Education Specialist with a Graduate Certificate in Nutrition EducationMaster's in Health Promotion Management; Bachelor's in Biology with a concentration in Allied Health and an experienced Chemist; and a slew of knowledge on natural healing and personal experiences. One of my many inspirations is Hip-Hop and you will find that theme throughout my products.  So let’s vibe!

What?  Alkaline Vegan Products & Health Promotion Consulting Services

When? Now

Where? Washington, DC 

Why? To educate you

How? Using behavior change strategies, applicable scientific knowledge and culinary chemistry

Meet my enlightened alter ego, Professor Health better known as Asha the Alchemist!

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