I'm no different than the next. I was just propelled in a different direction which landed me here, as the Owner and CEO of Health Neurotics. In 2009 I was diagnosed as a prediabetic. I knew all to well the lifestyle changes that I would have to endure, I witnessed my dad with his bout of diabetes in 2004. In 2006 I witnessed my aunt struggle with breast cancer, from shaving her head bald and coping with the toxic chemotherapy/radiation. Even as a child, my grandfather passed of lung cancer and my grandmother of emphysema (Barrel Chest). Now with an ailing grandmother with Alzheimer's disease. Let me assure you I want to help you live a healthier life then what I was exposed too! I am an Alkaline Vegan by way of Dr. Sebi's African Bio-mineral Balance (Alkaline Diet).

How qualified is she? Is she a dietitian? No. Is she a certified nutritionist? No. Is she a doctor? By society rules, no I am not. However, I am a Certified Health Education Specialist with a Graduate Certificate in Nutrition EducationMaster's in Health Promotion Management; Bachelor's in Biology with a concentration in Allied Health and an experienced Chemist; and a slew of knowledge on natural healing and personal experiences. One of my many inspirations is Hip-Hop and you will find that theme throughout my products.  So let’s vibe!

What? Health Promotion Consulting Services & Alkaline Products

When? Now

Where? Washington, DC 

Why? To educate you

How? Using behavior change strategies, applicable knowledge and culinary chemistry


Washington, DC, USA

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