Crafted For Your Needs

Culinary crafted for the Alkaline Vegan! Tired of the run of the mill vegan options with less then desirable or products packed with unhealthy ingredients? Enjoy our Hip Hop inspired product lines: Hip-Hop Herbal Teas, Way Too Cold Cough and Cold Remedies, Too Much Sauce Sauces, Sprinkle Me Seasoning Line & Fantastic Voyage Vinaigrette's are all Alkaline in nature. Alkaline herbs and vegetables maintain the alkaline state of your body and heal your body.  ALL HERBS ARE NON-IRRADIATED. NO Soy, NO High Fructose Corn Syrup, NO Processed Sugar, NO Artificial Flavors and NO Artificial Preservatives! ALL NATURAL and Alkaline products and Dr. Sebi approved ingredients! Visit the shop web-page for detailed options! 

Products sold at The Glut Food Co-op, Mt. Rainier, MD &

Takoma Park Silver Spring Co-op, Takoma Park, MD