Anemic? Energy low? Weak/fatigue? Get an energizing boost with an increase of Iron Fluorine.

“0 to 100” Iron Enhancement, Hip Hop Tea

  • This supplemental product contains herbs, such as, Sarsaparilla & Burdock Root. Sarsparilla & Burdock are known to contain high concentrations of Iron Flourine. The package contains 15 tea bags. Sarsaparilla purifies the urino-genital tract, dispels infection and inflammation, useful for nervous disorders and a powerful blood cleanser. Sarsaparilla has a tonic effect on reproductive hormones and sexual organs. Works as an anti-inflammatory, antiulcer, antispasmodic, antisyphilitic (treats syphilis), antioxidant, anticancer, antirheumatic (treats rheumatoid arthritis), diaphoretic & diuretic. It cleanses the blood of toxins and promotes the production of testosterone and progesterone. Burdock cleanses the blood and strengthens the immune and lymphatic system, treats colds and serves as a antipyretic (fever reducer). Burdock promotes the healing of sores, serves as a detoxifier, relieves cough and has antibiotic and antifungal properties.


Body Cycle Kickstarter Campaign

Tue, July 3 2018 11:51 AM EDT

60 days total for the campaign to raise $20,000 to develop Body Cycle Health Education game into an app to directly sell to school systems across the world as a fun supplemental health education tool.

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