Elderberry Cough Syrup. Prepare not just for the flu season but all year around. Relieve or eliminate the onset of the flu, common cold or cold symptoms with the syrup. Refrigerate immediately. 


“Pour It Up", Elderberry Elixir, Way Too Cold Cough & Cold Remedies

  • This supplemental product contains Elderberries, Ginger, Clove & Sea Salt. Elderberry is an antiviral and inhibits the influenza virus. Ginger has a positive effect on the stomach and digestive system. Contains a 16 Oz amber glass bottle. 


Body Cycle Kickstarter Campaign

Tue, July 3 2018 11:51 AM EDT

60 days total for the campaign to raise $20,000 to develop Body Cycle Health Education game into an app to directly sell to school systems across the world as a fun supplemental health education tool.

Washington, DC, USA

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