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Body Cycle

Strive To Stay Alive

Body Cycle-Health Education App [Copyright & Patent Pending].

Body Cycle is an alternative learning tool and trivia game based on health education where players ages 12 and up Strive to Stay Alive by not dying from a chronic disease. Chronic disease such as, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, obesity, as well as physical activity and diet. Children will learn how the human body reacts to chronic disease and chronic disease risk factors. Body Cycle can be utilized as a supplemental learning tool in primary and secondary school systems. The app will allow educators to build classroom material around the game content. The game content can aid in facilitating lesson plans and activities. Not only can the game be utilized in schools, but in homes or private markets as a fun, educational and entertaining tool. It can appeal to average consumers who want to live healthier lives and lead by examples for the future generations. 

How to Play:

The game can be played individually or as a team with two or more players.The players will have a certain amount of time (1:30 secs) to answer multiple choice questions competitively. First team or player to answer 12 questions correctly wins the game and becomes a “Healthy Survivor”. Once a player or team answers 6 questions incorrectly the human body on the screen will die of a specific chronic disease. This engages interaction and critical thinking skills; which also fosters awareness of health behaviors and encourages future health dialogue with friends and family. Ignite topics rarely or never discussed with family about family history of disease, genetics and the importance of lifestyle choices as it relates to health.

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